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Lakshmi’s NTR

Ever since Ram Gopal Varma has announced to make a biopic on Sr NTR with the title, ‘Lakshmi’s NTR’, there has been a perception that he was making a film from Lakshmi Parvathi’s perspective. People are clueless about how he was going to handle such a legendary person’s biopic which mired in controversy from the word go. In a recent interview, Varma has explained about what he is going to showcase in the film.

Varma said that it was impossible for anyone to showcase the life of NTR, from his childhood to becoming a superstar, from entering politics to ruling the united AP..in just two hours.

‘NTR’s life is as huge as the story of Mahabharata, and we can segregate it into different segments. I feel that there is no conflict in his life…right from a nobody to becoming the superstar of Telugu cinema and eventually the CM of united AP. His charisma is so mesmerizing that people won’t accept if we show the ‘general cinema kashtalu’ that everyone faces during the beginning of their careers. People, including me have a perception that he was a born-star, a king, a ruler etc. No one would believe and like to see him standing in front of a producer’s house for chances, such is the image he has among people.

Hence, I chose the segment, the part of his life from when Lakshmi Parvathi entered his life to his death, that is my film all about. How a person, who has lived such greatest life, ends up facing the problems a common middle class old man faces…relationship issues, losing trust in family, backstabbing etc..seems a very interesting drama. So, I chose to film only the part from when Lakshmi Parvathi entered his life to all the happenings leading to his death,’ Varma said.

The maverick filmmaker clarified that just because he titled the film, ‘Lakshmi’s Parvathi’, he isn’t making it from her point of view.

‘I haven’t even met her to know her side of the story. However, I have been meeting several people, only people who don’t gain anything from this film, who don’t have any need to exploit my film i.e. the drivers, workers who worked at NTR’s home at that time and some other neutral-minded people,’ Varma added.

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