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Chanti Addala

Chanti Addala is the Art director turned Producer, is a very popular name with his latest film Yamudiki Mogudu.

Addala chanti was born in Palakollu, West Godavari district on 9th June 1963. He studied his intermediate in ASNM Government College at Palakollu.

He couldn’t get thru in the intermediate second year, so instead of wasting a year his father wanted him to try in the film industry, he told Mr.chanti that he can continue in the film industry if he prefers to, or else he can come back to pursue his graduation. So when Sri Eshwar has come to Palakollu, his father has sent him along with Sri Eshwar (worked in the publicity department) to Madras (Chennai).

Mr.Chanti has learned some drawing tips when he was living with Sri Eshwar. At that time he has the talent of ‘freehand drawing’, which he has learned from Sri Paidyacharya, brother of Sri Eshwar. From his childhood he loves art and did many drawings from 6th grade, it was the main reason why his father has sent him to Madras.

During his stay in Madras at the initial month his father has spoken to Sri Dasari Narayana. And together with the encouragement and word of help from Sri Dasari Narayana & Sri Eshwar he was appointed as an assistant to Sri Bhaskara Raju (Art director) on 7th August 1982. And after 20days Sri Srinivas Raju has appointed Mr.Chanti as an assistant for Sri Mohanbabu’s movie called ‘Dharma poratam’.

He got two Nandi awards for his work in the movies called ‘Dharmachakram’, and ‘Aaropraanam’.

Mr.Chanti respects Sri Bhaskararaju as a guru, and gives the credit to explore his talent. And Sri Dr.D.Ramanaidu (Producer) is the person who has introduced him as an art director. He was appreciated by Sri Dr.D.Ramanaidu, Sri G.V.Subbarao (who was the art director of the movie Bhramhaputhrudu), and dance master Raghu for his work in the movie Bhramhaputhrudu for the modern song set, which was done at a short span. This has helped him to work as the art director for the next movie of Sri Dr.D.Ramanaidu called ‘Prema’.

He has done more than 150 movies. He loves to design mythological based or folk based sets. And he got recognition from the movies lead by actors Chriranjeevi and Venkatesh.

Now he has his own production company where he has produced many movies.

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