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P Madhusudhan Reddy

P Madhusudhan Reddy was acclaimed DTS mixer and Sound Designer.

Madhusudhan had worked as an audiographer, sound engineer and DTS mixer, on numerous blockbusters including Gulabi, Kalisundham Raa, Athadu, Bommarillu, Okkadu, Arundhati and Manam.

Reddy lent his innovative mind and ear to over a 1,000 films in the past two decades – progressively moving from being an engineer, a recordist and a designer. He is best remembered for ‘Manam’, ‘Okkadu’ and ‘Arundhati’ that fetched him a Nandi Award.

The very mention of the man brings to mind the wonderful manner in which he mixed sound. He was actually called ‘DTS Madhu’ by many in the film industry. All through his over two decades of career in the Telugu film industry, Madhusudhan Reddy was known as a ‘perfectionist’. Music director Devisri Prasad never worked with anyone else, impressed by his skills.

The master technician was always first to adopt new technologies in the ever-dynamic scenario of music and sound.

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